10 Commandments of Kitesurfing

We do not call them rules or laws, they are the 10 commandments of Kitesurf that you must respect for safe practice not only for you but also for other Riders and Bathers.

1st Commandment

Look for a place with at least 150 m. Free of any obstacle trees, cars, people, poles, power cables, streets, fences and animals, etc.

2nd Commandment

Never hold lines or stands between them with the kite flying or in danger of taking off. When envisioned, they have a great cutting power and can dangerously droop. Hint: Alert bathers and inquisitive people not to get close to you.

3rd Commandment

Never kite out during storms or heavy clouds. The equipment can become a perfect surge arrester.

4th Commandment

Try to know the wind strength recommended for your kite in relation to your weight and do not descoles it in winds above the limit. It is very dangerous to be overpower because the kite can lift you many meters high

5th Commandment

If you are a beginner do not sail with offshore wind (from land to sea), your equipment and / or you can be taken to the high seas

6th Commandment

Recommended safety equipment: helmet, flotation vest, gloves, hook knife (to secure / cut the line in an emergency), neoprene clothing (if you are taken away you can stay in water for many hours).

7th Commandment

It is far from airports / heliports, in flush or in rescue procedures. If it happens, immediately download the kite because the pilot may not have seen your kite or the lines.

8th Commandment

Avoid getting the bar attached to the harness on land, if you are raised and / or dragged you may not be able to get loose in time. It is also important to know and practice using the safety systems that disarm your kite.

9th Commandment

In the water you have extreme care with the boats, stones and your own board, especially if she is ahead of you with the keels up. Beware of submerged objects such as stones, trunks, roots and corals.

10th Commandment

There is always a friend with you when you go kitesurfing to watch and help you. Plan your sailing session / where you are going to take off, where it is safer to enter the water, the course to be covered, weather conditions, wind direction and currents where you are going to leave.

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