Treating the Kitesurfing Equipment

Here are some tips on how to handle kite surfing equipment. It incorporates as many tips as possible to maximize the life of the material.

If you do not use your kite, protect it from the sun. Over time, the sun’s rays fade and weaken the fabric and seams. Under very hot sun, buoys with lots of pressure can break out.
Kitesurfing equipment costs money: that in turn costs to win! If you follow some tips and care, you can extend the life of it.
After use always wash your bar and lines with fresh water and leave to dry in the shade.
On the beach do not expose the buoys, or open the chambers. The sand that comes in is very abrasive and with the pressure can create micro holes in the buoys. It also prevents water and sand from entering the valves. Keeping them always closed.
Untie any knots on the line before flying with your kite. They weaken them and make them break.
Whenever you finish a kite session roll the lines in the bar or leave them well stretched on the floor. The lines become embarrassing in seconds and take hours to untangle.
Wrap the lines in “8” so they do not twist. Twisted lines become more easily entangled.
If your kite tear interrupts the session and provides for its repair. (We own this service). Otherwise the rip will increase and render the kite unusable.
Kicking with the kite on the ground or in the water causes the bursting of the buoys or tearing in the tissues. If the fall is inevitable and you are using a safety leash, release the bar to relieve the impact.
Do not keep your kite wet because the fabric may become moldy and deteriorate.

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