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Programs and Prices

Our program and teaching methods are in accordance with IPDJ (Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth), IO (International Organization) and FFVL (French Free Flight Federation).

We use teaching equipment (kites, boards, etc.) suitable for each student and his or her level. At the end of the course you will be certified with a “Kiteboard Card” and you will evaluate the school and the instructor through a questionnaire

Kitesurf Baptism

Duration: 1:30h

60€ per person

In the Kitesurf Baptism you will be introduced to all the equipment used, as well as the safety rules to know when practicing this sport. The practical component consists of learning to steer the beginner’s kite on land.

You will learn the maneuvers that allow you to lower and raise the kite, among others, through a series of exercises. We recommend this Kitesurf Baptism to all those who are curious to try it and are still undecided about starting this sport.

All lessons will be given to a maximum of two students to one instructor

aluno e instructor

Kitesurf Course

Duration: 10h to 12h

55€ per person/per hour

The Kitesurf Course is structured so that you learn to practice the sport autonomously and safely.

You start by observing the sea and the effect of the wind. Then you are introduced to the equipment and tested on land.

This is followed by practice in the sea and at the end you get a certificate.

All classes will be given to a maximum of two students for one instructor.

Private Lessons

Duration: 1:00h

70€ per person/per hour

For those who want to progress quickly, there will always be an instructor with you helping you correct details by giving you feedback at the right time. For this reason we have a maximum limit of 1 student per instructor, thus giving you all the attention you deserve.

For each level of the kitesurf course you will be accompanied by an accredited monitor.

We will take you to discover our passion, kitesurfing, practicing it in complete safety. You will have access to all the school’s equipment.

When you finish the course, you will benefit from a promotional discount of 10% on the purchase of a new pack (kite+board)

Come learn Kitesurf with us!